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SFM Services (SFM) is involved in providing varied expertise in theservice sector for a range of industries & institutions, SFM is able to offer your organization a range of Facilities Management Services to help you manage your non-core activities, efficiently and effectively. With dedicated and well-trained people, strong knowledge base and documented systems and processes, SFM is committed to adhering to a policy of quality, safety and continuousimprovement, offering you a flexible range of services as an integral part of your business, so you are free to concentrate on your core business.


There are multiple advantages for your organization in availing all Property related services from a ‘one stop shop’ facility management like SFM, rangi ng from more cost effective package offer to marginal interaction with the work force.

The primary benefits are:

  1. Low head count in the Property Division
  2. Saving precious management time for your core business.
  3. Availing of the expertise and skill in all areas of Property Management through one- point co-ordination.

Absolved of mundane day-to-day labour management related chores resulting in saving of quality time of managers in areas of administration. Zero responsibility in regulating the fulfillment of statutory requirements by the property management agencies. (SFM regulates the payment of salary, provident fund and ESIC dues of every worker every month.)

Continuous training of the existing workers / operators / supervisors on improved methods and upgraded technology.

Preventive Maintenance versus Need Based Maintenance resulting in:

  1. Reduction in expenses by eliminating major repair cost or cost of replacement of equipment / facilities rendered irreparable from continuous neglect.
  2. Reduction in expenses by eliminating major repair cost or cost of replacement of equipment / facilities rendered irreparable from continuous neglect.
  3. Reduction in expenses by eliminating major repair cost or cost of replacement of equipment / facilities rendered irreparable from continuous neglect.
  4. Reduction in expenses by eliminating major repair cost or cost of replacement of equipment / facilities rendered irreparable from continuous neglect.
  5. ­Cost – effective service with better integration of all facilities.
  6. Proactive professional approach versus conventional Need Based Activities resulting in cost saving.
  7. Additional cost benefit in purchases of bulk goods and services.


We offer the widest range of services to our clients under a single umbrella and each of our products is designed to provide wing-to-wing, totally customized to our clients’ requirement. Our manpower rotation plan protects the interest of the client against all imminent risks.

Value Add On:

SFM believes in ‘Client-Centric’ solutions and offe rs certain value add’s beyond the scope of agreed services without any additional cost implication. Some of the value adds like conducting Safety & Security Audit, Environmental Audit, Structural Audit etc are designed keeping the wellbeing of the client in mind.

We have a team of well-trained professionals in our rolls in the field of Housekeeping / Security / Electromechanical Services (Preventive Maintenance Services)/ Office support services, who would look after and maintain your property with trained workforce. The work shall be carried out with proper schedules. This would enhance and add value to your property.

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services

  1. Degreasing, de-carbonizing, scrubbing and cleaning of industrial spaces.
  2. Jet wash/ high pressure cleaning of building exteriors, drive ways, pathways, car parks, curtain walls and concrete floors.
  3. Janitorial Services
  4. Carpet shampooing, Upholstery cleaning and Residential space cleaning.
  5. Garbage, industrial waste disposal and recycling
  6. Cleaning services for highly hazardous environments.
  7. Cleaning highly sensitive areas to maintain a zero-micro-organism level in the environment such as laboratories for any industry.
  8. Decontaminating of bacterial and other microorganism in infected areas.
  9. Implementing cleaning methods and programs to reduce particular count.

Operations & Maintenance Services

  1. Electrical & HVAC maintenance, Plumbing, Carpentry and Water purification.
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Structural maintenance
  4. Production equipment maintenance
  5. Technical training to support ongoing programs.
  6. Increase economic reliability and resource capacity.
  7. Improve operating efficiencies and effectiveness
  8. Increase equipment reliability and reduce service disruption

Pest Control

  1. SFM has an aggressive approach to getting rid of pests.
  2. Each industry presents a specific need to pest control, SFM works with you to tailor make a pest control program that will give you the maximum benefit.
  3. Using a systematic approach involving survey, study, examination, suggestion and execution to deal with your pest problems.
  4. Pest protection program available for variety of pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, fleas etc.
  5. Well-trained professional staff able to handle hazardous pesticides without effecting the environment.

Management Support Services

  1. Hiring the right people and training them with the right skills required to carry out your jobs such as reception service, mailroom, telephone, pantry, security etc.
  2. Intensive and extensive training program are formulated and designed specifically to improve productivity, increase morale and reduce employee turnover.
  3. Implementing systems and processes managed by suitable people to provide the optimum service facility for your organization.

Gardening and Landscaping

  1. Enhancing the look of your facility/office premises.
  2. Sourcing the right sort of plants that will keep your environment clean, healthy and beautiful.
  3. Cross training personnel to handle the up-keep of indoor and potted plants along with providing housekeeping services.
  4. Professional landscape design services, which include conceptualizing, master planning, and site and feasibility analysis, resource management.
  5. Services including soil, terrain, and water testing.
  6. Shrub trimming, lawn mowing, flowerbed care, controlling pesticide spraying and fertiliser usage.



  1. Daily Cleaning
  2. Weekly Cleaning
  3. Monthly Cleaning
  4. Special Cleaning

Standard Cleaning Services and Procedures as defined above shall include

  1. Daily Cleaning
  • Sweep Clean

Sweep clean all floor areas including

  1. Damp Moping of Tiles, Vitrified floors, staircases, elevators floor, sidewalls and podium entrance areas.
  2. Floors shall be free of dirt, mud, sand, footprints, liquid spills, and other debris.
  3. Chairs, trash receptacles, and easily movable items shall be moved to clean underneath.
  4. During inclement weather, the frequency may be higher than once per day. When completed the floor and halls shall have a uniform appearance with no streaks, smears, swirl marks, detergent residue, or any evidence of remaining dirt or standing water.
  5. After sweeping all vitrified floors, areas would be machine scrub cleaned.
  6. Sweep Clean of debris from walkways and driveways and hose clean them during appropriate climatic and water use conditions.
  • Vaccuming
  1. Heavy industrial type vacuum cleaner would be used to ensure adequate cleaning. When completed, the area shall be free of all litter, lint, loose soil and debris.
  2. Any chairs, trash receptacles, and easily moveable items, shall be moved to vacuum underneath, and then replaced in the original position.
  • Washroom Cleaning
  1. Thorough cleaning and sanitization of toilets, bathrooms, wash basins and shower facilities, using suitable non- abrasive cleaners and disinfectants.
  2. All surfaces shall be free of grime, soap mud and smudges.
  3. Cleaning of mirrors, glass doors, glass windows, etc.
  4. Replacement of paper towels, toilet paper, soap dispenser in all bathrooms shall be performed.
  • Trash Removal
  1. Emptying all waste paper baskets, ashtrays (if applicable) from all floor areas, and washing or wiping them clean with damp cloth, replacing plastic wastepaper basket linings and returning items where they were located.
  2. All waste from waste paper baskets will be collected and deposited in the building’s waste containers.
  3. Dry & wet garbage would be segregated and dumped into designated area within the premises.
  • Glass Surface Cleaning
  1. All glass at entrance doors of the premises would be cleaned using damp and dry method.
  2. Glass tabletops, cabin doors, cabin partitions and glass accessories would also be cleaned.
  3. Removal of grease marks or fingerprints glass counters and partitions. This cleaning is done using approved all purpose cleaner and lint free cloth or paper towels.
  • Damp & Dry Cleaning
  1. Wipe clean all White boards of meeting rooms, Conference rooms, workstations, cabins etc.
  2. Wipe clean all table tops of workstations, cubicles, office cabins and other furniture and fixtures.

2. Weekly Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning
  1. Stairways, Surrounding Common Areas, Terraces, generator rooms, AHU Rooms, Basements, Car parking, etc.
  2. Ceilings, Walls, Partitions, etc.
  3. Toilets and Washrooms.
  • Window Glass Cleaning
  1. Interior & Exterior glass will be cleaned on both sides, throughout the building.
  2. Exterior cleaning of the glasses where accessible.
  3. Dusting window- sills and blinds.
  • Sanitizing
  1. Office and classroom paper bins would be cleaned and sanitized
  2. All washroom dustbins would be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  3. All telephone instruments would be sanitized using disinfectants.
  4. Waste Bins from Pantry and cafeteria areas would also be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with disinfectants.
  5. Thorough washing of all walls and doors of all toilets with appropriate detergent and disinfect.
  1. Monthly Cleaning Services
  • Curtain Wall Cleaning
  1. Windows, Curtain Walls, etc.
  2. Curtain Walls cleaning process shall depend upon accessibility to exterior and interior or SAFETY ACCESSORIES.
  • Sweep Cleaning
  1. Sweep Cleaning external common areas like terrace, parking areas, pathways, walkways, compound wall sides, etc.
  • Dusting & Wiping
  1. Dusting & wiping light fixtures affixed to walls (not part of ceilings) when completed the light fixtures shall be free from dirt, grime, dust and marks.
  • Polishing
  1. Mansion Polish of furniture and other wooden fixtures where applicable
  2. Applying Metal polishes to accessories or door handles, hand railings, lift walls, etc. where applicable.
  • Scrubbing
  1. Scrubbing of all floor areas with scrubbing machines.

4. Special Cleaning (At Additional Cost)

  1. Stripping and applying new polish to the floors.
  2. Buffing
  3. Burnishing
  4. Carpet Shampooing
  5. Crystallization
  6. Jet Wash Cleaning of External walls


Taking over from the OEM’s all systems, plant & machinery which would include

  1. As built drawings.
  2. Instruction manuals.
  3. Terms of reference of warranty.
  4. Physical verification of complete inventory of plant & machinery.
  5. Operation of all plant & machinery under simulated extreme parameters.
  6. Taking over of all machinery under simulated extreme parameters of operations.

Running and operation of Plant and Machinery (Utilities)

  1. Data Recording & monitoring as per designed parameters.
  2. Staggering operation of machinery, ensuring even wear and tear, and operational readiness of all standby equipments.
  3. Switching on switching off equipment as per operation demand

Routine Maintenance, ensuring equipment operates at optimum efficiency

  1. Cleaning of filters, periodic backwash, greasing of water pump etc.
  2. Cleaning of contactors in the ACB’s, Tightening bolts etc.
  3. Distilled water, salt, chlorine, replenishment etc.
  4. Strict adherence to OEM’s routine maintenance schedules.

Preventive maintenance for breakdown free operations.

  1. Changing filters, changing sand, periodically addition of NAOH in the softener etc.
  2. Tightening of connections in electrical circuit in the panel board, Cleaning of electrical circuit with the help of blower, applying insulation tape on burnt cable, load balancing, checking MPR setting etc
  3. Checking vibration and alignment of fan blower with motor, condenser coil cleaning etc.
  4. Strict adherence to OEM’s Preventive maintenance schedules.
  5. Maintaining history cards of individual equipment.

Upkeep of firefighting & safety equipment:

  1. Trying out fire pumps weekly.
  • Periodic airing of canvas hoses and inverse folding.

Maintaining inventory of stocks and spares

  1. Following OEM recommendations
  2. Efficient record and management of minimum inventory requirements
  3. Timely order and maintain inventory level

Periodic energy audits to monitor and control operating costs

  1. Regular recording of electrical consumption parameters
  2. Regular recording of water consumption parameters

AMC Coordination for critical equipments

  1. Arranging quotations for procurement of material and comparative statement preparation for AMCs
  2. Price negotiation (if required by the client)
  3. Follow up for timely services
  4. Follow up for spares and other requirements
  5. Follow up with AMC vendor in case of any major break down.
  6. Monitoring and ensuring strict adherence to the service requirement as per the scope and OEM recommendations.

Operations & Maintenance Services

Providing Operations & Technical Support

  1. Manning the Engineering services, continuous monitoring of calls and complaints, work allocation to shift technicians and follow up on work progress.
  2. Generation of reports for Maintenance, maintaining & analyzing equipment operation logs for equipment.
  3. Implementing Preventive maintenance as per schedules & Manuals.
  4. Co-ordination & Monitoring of AMC.

Power Generation and Electrical Distribution System:

Maintenance of transformers:

  1. Checking of oil level, temperature and topping up.
  2. Operation of manually operated tap changers if required.

HT & LT Panels, Distribution Boards:

  1. Checking of connections, vacuum cleaning of panels, Visual inspection, Insulation testing, cleaning of contacts.

Distribution Boards:

  1. Routine checking and tightening of all panel internals, cable connections, checking & replacement of switches, sockets contactors, relays, cleaning of contacts for proper & trouble free function.
  2. Switching ON/OFF of power panels, lighting panels, capacitor banks, emergency systems as required.

Diesel Generator Sets

  1. Operating the DG Set as per requirement and logging all parameters
  2. Routine checking in all respects, operation in case of power failures and recording relevant data.
  3. In co-ordination with OEM’s engineer cleaning and changing of Air filters, oil filters, Exhaust system.
  4. Checking & cleaning, governor checking & checking of battery condition & topping up of electrolyte, cleaning of radiator & topping of coolant will be carried out.
  5. Major O/H of DG sets & major break downs are not covered under this scope of work. AMC for the same will be arranged with OEM Contractor.

Lighting panels & fixtures:

  1. Trouble shooting & Replacement faulty tubes/bulbs, fans, switches, sockets MCBs, Fuses etc. and other electrical accessories wherever possible.
  2. Checking of UPS panels, battery condition, checking of Electrolyte Levels and topping up, initiating necessary actions in case of problem with the AM contractor.


  1. Record required parameters and log sheets for the chiller & HVAC system. Round the clock Operation of Chillers, pumps, cooling towers.
  2. Carrying out preventive maintenance as scheduled eg. Condenser & Evaporators cleaning, gasket change, gas leakage testing & charging, motor alignment etc. will be done if not covered under AMC contractor for major breakdowns & monitoring.
  3. Major O/H & Break down Maintenance of chillers will be coordinated with OEM Contractor.
  4. Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Ventilation system – Routine services like air filter cleaning, greasing, belt tightening & replacement, motor & alignment, cleaning of cooling coils as scheduled.
  5. Checking and replacement of faulty valves, gaskets, drain line clearing.
  6. Room AC / Split AC / Package Ac maintenance: – Air Filter cleaning, coil cleaning, checking & replacement of thermostat, fan blades, cleaning of drains as scheduled.
  7. Break down will be coordinated with AM Contractor.

Mechanical Services

Hot Water Boilers

  1. Operations of boilers, checking of fuel system, replenishing fuel stocks, recording s & maintenance records.


  1. Checking availability of water and informing concerned authorities for further action.


  1. Carrying out scheduled service cycles as per OEM Operations manual and maintaining quality within specified range.
  2. Replenishing chemicals and carrying out backwash /regeneration of filters/softeners as required.
  3. Minor repairs to the systems like changing valves, replacement of damaged washers etc.
  4. O/H of filters/softeners/dosing pumps is excluded from the scope of work.

Water Pumps

  1. Operations and minor service of pumps like greasing, checking alignment, tightening & replacement of gland packing, cleaning strainers, etc.
  2. All Drainage System – Checking and clearing drains  choke ups.
  3. Replacement of washers, taps & other fittings.
  4. Minor repairs to all Plumbing accessories.


  1. Repairing creaky doors, repairs of the floor springs, door closures, minor wood work and polishing/painting jobs & lamination, fixing of paintings.
  2. Motor rewinding & break downs will be coordinated by SFM but excluded from the scope of work.

Firefighting Equipment

Fire pumps and accessories

  1. Operations of fire pumps in case of emergency, testing of the same at regulars intervals for proper functioning.
  2. Minor repairs to the system.
  3. Checking of Hose reel system, maintaining required pressure in wet rise system, maintaining diesel stock at Diesel Pump, maintaining records of tests.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

  1. Checking & ensuring all fire extinguishers are in working condition and initiate necessary actions for refilling etc & recording related data.
  2. Regular cleaning of smoke detectors to avoid false alarms; check & clean mimic panels & related systems for proper operations.
  3. Coordination with AM contractor in case of major Break downs/problems.

Other Equipment

  1. Break down Maintenance / major repairs of other equipment like Boilers, Elevators, Weighing scales, Security equipment, Card Readers, PA system, Kitchen & Gas equipment, Office Equipment like Fax machines, Xerox Machines, Projectors, Communication & Paging systems will be coordinated through AMC contractors.


  • Lawns
  1. Lawn mowing at regular interval depending on requirement.
  2. De weeding
  3. Edge cutting
  4. Top dressing by soil & manure
  5. Applications of chemical fertilizers & spraying of insecticides
  6. Rolling by hand roller
  • Shrubs & plants:
  1. Trimming considering the variety & shape
  2. Loosening of soil under shrubs
  3. Gap filling and replacement of plants if required
  4. Removal of dead leaves
  • Trees & creepers
  1. Trimming of unwanted branches
  2. Staking if required
  3. Round digging
  • Assess & arrange indoor pots and plants wherever required.

Arranging quotations for procurement of saplings/ seeds / insecticides / fertilizers / manure / heavy equipment, preparation of comparative statements and price negotiation (if required by the client), follow up on material delivery from the vendors.

The supplies of these items are not included in the scope of work.

The responsibility will be limited to making the estimates available and coordination for material supplies.


Cleaning of outside areas

  1. Cleaning of the outside areas, walkways and porches
  2. Sweep cleaning external common areas like terrace, parking areas, pathways, walkways, compound wall sides, etc.
  3. Washing the car park areas with a high pressure jet on a weekly basis.
  4. Sweep Clean of debris from walkways and driveways and hose clean them during appropriate climatic and water use conditions.
  5. Sweeping and clearing of dirt/debris from the outdoor sports facilities.
  6. Cleaning of the generator rooms, AHU Rooms and the other utilities areas.
  7. Porch, ramp and driveways to be swept once a day and washed in the night.
  8. The areas to be washed using a hose during the night or early morning
  9. Garbage pick-ups to be done during the day.


  1. Using a systematic approach involving survey, study, examination, suggestion and execution to deal with pest problems.
  2. Pest eradication program available for variety of pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, fleas.
  3. Well-trained professional staff able to handle pesticides without affecting the environment.
  1. Rodent control – as and when required
S.NoOperationPest CoveredLocationFrequency
1General Dis-infestation ServicesMosquitoes
Common areas inside building
Once a week
2Anti AdultMosquitoes
Common area and around building areaOnce a week
3Anti LarvaMosquitoesGutters
Once a fortnight
4Rodent ControlRatsAll AreasOnce a fortnight
5 General Dis-infestation ServicesMosquitoes
CafeteriaOnce a week
  1. Termite Control, Snake Control, Carpet Moth treatment would be carried out as required at additional charge.



To protect employees, customers, assets, physical property and proprietary information in coordination with the Security Agency

Responsibility of Security Services:

  1. Receiving of visitors & directing
  2. Control & Maintain record of all movement of people, vehicles and material entering and leaving the premises.
  3. Physical checking of personnel and goods leaving and entering the premises
  4. Managing the Security Desk & Security Control Room
  5. Patrolling of entire premise
  6. Monitoring the CCTV system
  7. Issuing gate visitor passes/cards to visitors after checking with reception / Employee
  8. Conducting a evacuation and fire control drill
  9. Implementing and monitoring a system to maintain security of business information.
  10. Defining and implementing a practical and safe system for the above requirements.


  1. Quality Assurance Plan
  1. Standard Operating Procedures – Development & Implementation

Each equipment operation & maintenance procedure will be documented. The procedures will be continuously reviewed for better practices.

  • Quality Assurance Program

Internal QA checks with defined parameters for service Quality Standards will be carried out at regular intervals by senior representative from the SFM. The percentage based QA analysis will enable SFM to ascertain the gaps and improve systems on a continuous basis.

  • Client satisfaction Survey

Assessment of client satisfaction on a monthly basis to provide satisfaction levels and bridge gap between expectations & actual performance.

  • Safety & Security

Fire & safety will be given high importance and all safety regulations will be strictly observed.

  1. Defining & implementing Safety standards
  2. Suggesting latest equipment for safety
  3. Conducting Evacuation Program
  4. Preplanned Testing of Fire Fighting Equipment & Fire extinguishers. Special fire Audit also may be initiated depending on the requirements.
  1. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction & Quality Improvements through:

  1. Implementation of Internal TPM Program – Total Prod uctivity Management –History Cards for each equipment mentioning inspection, Maintenance dates, spares used will be mapped so that PM schedules can be strictly adhered to minimize down time and expenses on spares.
  2. Cost Control – Suggestions for improvements / reduction will be provided continuously through continuous monitoring of present costs.
  3. Energy costs: Recording and close monitoring of the energy costs – Suggestions for the use of renewable energy, methods & equipment will be given after the analyzing the present energy requirements and energy audits.
  4. Manpower costs: The requirements of manpower will be assessed on a continuous basis. Maximum emphasis will be given to multitasking and Procedure reevaluation that will enable rationalization of manpower.
  5. Material costs: Through stringent control of inventories and vendor management, SFM will work towards Zero Inventory system will save inventory costs.
  1. Training

Initial training: Each Operator/Technician will be trained in an overview of the process and inthe operating procedures through various modules. Training shall include emphasis on the specific safety and health hazards, emergency operations including shutdown and safe work practices applicable to the employee’s job tasks.

Refresher training shall be provided at least once a year, and more often if necessary, to eachemployee involved in operating a process to assure that the employee understands and adheres to the current operating procedures of the process.

Training documentation: SFM shall ascertain that each employee involved in operating aprocess has received and understood the training required. A record that contains the identity of the employee, the date of training, and the module completed will be prepared to verify that the employee understood the training.